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Mfr: Advanced Flow Engineering

Mfr Part #: see below


AFE Aerosol Restore Kit, Blue
Part #: AFE-90-50001   Price $13.95
AFE Squeeze Restore Kit, Red
Part #: AFE-90-50502   Price $13

Cleaning Kits can only be shipped via Ground Service

The special oil in aFe Restore Kits are formulated not to affect the airflow sensor.  Other brands have been known to set a trouble code due to the airflow sensor getting coated by the oil used to coat their filters.
The aFe filter restore kit comes with either an aerosol or squeeze bottle of aFe filter oil and a spray bottle of aFe filter cleaner. aFe filter oil is highly refined and helps capture the smallest debris. Recommended re-oiling every 20-30k miles.

Select whichever color oil you prefer. All oils are the same formulation. The color options are available help show any missed spots when re-oiling. Once the filter is cleaned, dried and re-oiled, any missed areas will show up on the filter media as a dry spot. Gold oil can be used on a gold filter and blue oil on a blue filter. Dry spots will still be evident. Color choice is entirely up to you.

Aerosol Kits: Oil 6.25 oz., Solvent: 12 oz.
Squeeze Kits: Oil 8 oz., Solvent: 12 oz.

Please do not over oil the filter, please follow instruction sheet enclosed with package.
Cleaning Kits can only be shipped via Ground Service

aFe Cleaning Instructions
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