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BD Performance Exhaust Brakes


The Only Exhaust Brake Tough Enough for Your Ram!

Increase your driving confidence and towing safety with the superior retarding performance of the BD Brake for í89-í06 5.9 liter Cummins engines. Using BDís exclusive Variable Orifice Technology, BDís turbo-mount design bolts in place of the factory elbow between the turbo and the exhaust system, providing peak retarding power throughout the engineís rpm rangeónot just at high rpm like other brands.

Designed for years of reliable operation, the BD Brakeís rugged cast-iron housing incorporates BDís

 exclusive AlumiBronze bushing and piston ring-sealed, stainless steel butterfly shaft that has proven to stand up under the harsh, high-heat conditions of the exhaust environment. Actuated by an air cylinder (newer models) or a powerful, three-inch vacuum cylinder (earlier models), the offset butterfly valve wonít stick, and has been strategically placed in the elbow so that it wonít impede exhaust flow when in the open position. The BD brake incorporates a threaded port for mounting an EGT probe, as well as a 1/4-inch stainless steel port that can be used to monitor the brakeís retarding performance.

"Looking for a brake that will fit a future diesel, or have a modified or twin-turbo application?" BDís remote-mount or vacuum-actuated four-inch kits are an effective solution.

Controlled by a lighted On/Off toggle switch for automatic transmissions, or stick-mounted rocker switch for manual transmissions, the BD brake communicates with the engineís electronic idle verification board for quick engagement. The durable air compressor included in later model kits can even be used for other applicationsóitís that tough.

Automatic-equipped trucks require BDís programmable Tow Loc and Pressure Loc kits to electronically control torque converter clutch engagement. This addition effectively reduces slippage, resulting in peak retarding performance as well as lower transmission temperatures.

All BD Brake kits come complete with the brake, air compressor (where applicable), mounting hardware and complete instructions.  Turbo mounted brakes bolt in place of the existing exhaust outlet casting where it is clamped to the turbo outlet and exhaust system.




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