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BD Performance Exhaust Brakes



Give Your Power Stroke a Brake!

BD Diesel Performance has been engineering and installing Power Stroke exhaust brakes ever since the first engines rolled off the production lines in 1994—in fact, they have set the standards for the industry! Today, BD Diesel Performance not only offers its famous BD Brake for ’99-’01 7.3 liter applications, but is the FIRST and ONLY company to offer an exhaust brake for the 6.0 liter Power Stroke— both manual and automatic applications!

The BD Brake for the 6.0 Power Stroke kit features electronic controls that effectively communicate with the engine’s Variable Geometry Turbo and EGR valve. Automatic applications also include our Auto/Towloc system that increases the transmission clutch apply pressure, and holds the converter clutch engaged at a lower speed than would be possible with the stock configuration. Just push the Tow/Haul button and relax—the BD Brake will apply as the transmission downshifts, slowing down your 14,000 lb. load without ever having to touch the brake pedal!

The BD Brake offers retarding power without compromise. Their testing has revealed that the Power Stroke engines have an extremely durable top end, with hydraulic lifters that easily open 140-lb. valve springs. The 40 lbs. of backpressure the BD Brake generates is far below what this engine can handle, so there is no risk of “valve float.”

Designed for years of reliable operation, the BD Brake’s rugged cast-iron housing incorporates BD’s exclusive AlumiBronze bushing and piston ring-sealed butterfly shaft that has proven to stand up under the harsh, high-heat conditions of the exhaust environment.

BD’s exclusive Variable Orifice Technology utilizes an air cylinder on current models, or a spring-loaded piston in a powerful, three-inch vacuum cylinder on the earlier 7.3 engines to actuate the offset stainless steel butterfly valve. Exhaust backpressure is maintained at a maximum of 45 psi (180 retarding horsepower) throughout the engine’s working rpm range. If excessive backpressure develops, the valve opens automatically to regulate sufficient backpressure. The BD Brake provides superior retarding performance that starts at only 1200 rpm, with peak retarding power achieved by 1800 rpm! From there, it just holds on right through the rpm range.

BD Brake systems designed for earlier 7.3 liter trucks are actuated by vacuum, while later 7.3 and 6.0 liter trucks utilize air pressure from an on-board air compressor, included with the kit. All BD Brake kits come complete with all necessary hoses, brackets, mounting hardware and instructions.



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