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NOTICE: You will receive a hard copy of vehicle specific instructions
with your purchase of our gauge kit.

Gauge Installation on a 7.3L Ford Powerstroke

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1. Remove the factory
grab handle if equipped

2. Removal of factory A-Pillar 3. Temporarily mount the gauge
mount and check for fit
4. Mark locations for gauge wires

5. Drill holes for the gauge wires 6. Check gauge mount for proper fit
7. Check for gauge fit

8. Location for wires and boost tube
through firewall
9. Firewall plug removed
10. Firewall plug removed.
View from engine compartment

11. Firewall plug with hole drilled 12. Transmission Temp. Sender
13. Location for Tans. Sender on 7.3L
4R100 Transmission
14. Trans. Sender installed on 7.3L
4R100 Transmission
15. T-Fitting kit for boost gauge
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