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Mfr: DieselManor

Mfr Part #: see below


Cooler Line Manifold for 3/8" tube with 1/8"NPT port (recommended for most Ford Powerstroke Automatics)
Part #: FTG-MFD375
Price $45.85
Cooler Line Manifold for 1/2" tube with 1/8"NPT port (recommended for most Dodge Cummins Automatics)
Part #: FTG-MFD50
Price $55.65
Cooler Line Manifold for 5/8" tube with 1/8"NPT port (recommended for most Duramax Allison Automatics)
Part #: FTG-MFD625
Price $61.67

This cooler line manifold simply installs in the transmission cooler feed line.  It is fitted with a 1/8"NPT sender port and is ready to accept a transmission temperature gauge sender.  This is the best method for monitoring your transmission fluid temperature.

As ATF passes by the hard working parts of the transmission, it is then directed to the cooler by passing through this line. After the fluid flows through the cooler, it is then directed back to the pan by way of a return line.  The cooled fluid is then dumped into the transmission pan.  Monitoring the temperature in the feed line will give the operator an earlier indication of hot temperatures compared to monitoring the temperature in the pan alone.

Does not obstruct ATF flow
Allows for flow of ATF around sender probe, not just tip
Advanced indication of excessively hot ATF temperature
Installs in minutes
Leak Proof Swage-Loc Fitting professionally installed
Quick and Easy Installation
Accepts all senders (1/8"NPT)
Comes with installation instructions
Requires standard tubing cutter only (same as used for cutting standard household copper tubing)



Part # Tube OD Sender Depth* Height Length Width Material (manifold)
FTG-MFD375 3/8" 1.15" 1.675" 2.45" 0.81" brass
FTG-MFD50 1/2" 1.12" 1.775" 3.00" 0.925" steel
FTG-MFD625 5/8" 1.25" 2.04" 3.04" 1.06" brass
* Depth measured from top of brass adapter fitting downward before flow obstruction can occur.

installation instructions Installation Instructions

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