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Mfr Part #: D10-08


E-ZOIL Diesel Aid Fuel Additive, 8oz. bottle treats 240 gal.
Part #: EZO-D10-08  $8.25 8oz. (price/gal. treated $0.034)
E-ZOIL Diesel Aid Fuel Additive (Case of 24 8oz. bottles)
Part #: EZO-D10-08-CS  $184.92/case
Shipping: this item can only ship by Ground service.

DIESEL AID is the one diesel fuel additive that treats the most common problems associated with diesel fuel and its use.

DIESEL AID totally disperses water. All diesel fuel contains water and this is the most common contaminant in diesel fuel. Water causes fuel line freeze-ups and premature failure of wear-related parts including fuel pumps and injectors. Water also leads to the formation of slime, sludge, and rust.

Diesel fuel lubricity is a major concern because of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). ULSD contains significantly less lubricity than Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD). As a result, metal components in the engine fuel system are susceptible to failure. DIESEL AID will increase fuel system lubricity. Increased lubricity protects against premature failure of engine fuel system components including fuel pumps and injectors by forming a protective layer on metal surfaces.

DIESEL AID improves the cold temperature operability limit of diesel fuel by modifying the size and shape of wax crystals that form as the fuel is cooled below its cloud point. The cloud point is the temperature at which wax crystals in diesel fuel begin to form and the fuel goes from a clear appearance to a cloudy appearance.

DIESEL AID will reduce the pour point and Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) of diesel fuel. The pour point is the temperature which a diesel fuel will no longer flow. The CFPP is a test for evaluating a fuels ability to run in the cold. A lower CFPP provides better low temperature operability.

DIESEL AID contains a detergent additive that will increase engine power and fuel economy (miles per gallon) by improving fuel combustion. Over time, fuel injectors develop carbon deposits, gums, and varnishes that plug the critical close tolerances of the fuel system retarding fuel combustion. Engine power and fuel economy can suffer from even extremely small deposits. DIESEL AID will clean and remove these deposits from fuel injectors maximizing fuel economy and combustion and providing for a uniform spray pattern.

DIESEL AID will reduce particulate emissions and black smoke by improving fuel combustion. Particulate emissions and black smoke result from improper combustion of diesel fuel.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Compliant
    ◦ Contains less than 15 ppm sulfur
Totally Disperses Water
    ◦ Eliminates fuel line freeze-ups
    ◦ Eliminates premature failure of fuel pumps and injectors
    ◦ Eliminates slime, sludge, rust and corrosion
Increases Fuel System Lubricity
    ◦ Keeps fuel system lubricated
    ◦ Prevents premature failure of fuel pumps and injectors
Contains 10% Anti-Gel
    ◦ Controls waxing and gelling
    ◦ Inhibits wax crystal growth
    ◦ Reduces pour point
    ◦ Reduces Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP)
    ◦ Keeps fuel lines liquid
    ◦ Keeps fuel filters free of wax
Detergent Action
    ◦ Keeps fuel system clean
    ◦ Extends pump and injector life
    ◦ Minimizes smoke
Increases Power/Miles Per Gallon
    ◦ Maximizes fuel combustion
    ◦ Maximizes horsepower

For Regular Preventative Maintenance -
Use 1 gallon to every 3,840 gallons of diesel fuel. Pour directly into tank before refueling. One 8 ounce bottle treats 240 gallons.
Protection to 15 F (-9C)

To Control Waxing and Gelling -
Use 2 gallons to every 3,840 gallons of diesel fuel. Pour directly into tank before refueling.
Protection to 10 F (-12C)

Please call to order quantities not available on our online shopping cart.
D10-08 8 Ounce 24 $184.92
D10-01 1 Gallon 6 $509.29
D10-05 5 Gallon 1 $418.15
D10-55 5 Gallon 1 $3426.98



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