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Mfr: Fleetguard

Mfr Part #: CC2820


Buy 6 or more and save 5%

Fleetguard ES Compleat Lifetime Coolant Concentrate, 1 gallon
Part #: FG-CC2820
  Price $24.10  $15.95

ES Compleat Lifetime Coolant is a high performance fully formulated Extended Life Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant. It is Fleetguards answer to the maintenance demands of heavy-duty diesel cooling systems. ES Compleat only requires possible re-inhibition after 1 year, 150,000 miles, or 4,000 hours of operation. It is the perfect extended service coolant that protects your cooling system by preventing scaling, foaming, corrosion and liner pitting. ES Compleat is easy to use, cost effective, and outperforms other extended life products in the marketplace today.

We sell ES Compleat in the concentrated bottles to keep your shipping cost down. All you need to do is purchase the same number of bottles of Distilled water at your local supermarket, Just add one bottle of Concentrated ES Compleat followed by one bottle of distilled water and repeat until your system is full.

Fully formulated extended life coolant (antifreeze) with dual borate, phosphate buffer and low silicate formulation for use in all heavy/light duty diesel, natural gas, and gasoline engines.
Hybrid Lifetime Coolant with 150,000 mi (250,000 km) or 4000 Hours Service Intervals. With proper maintenance, ES Compleat lasts 1 million miles (1.5 million km)/20,000 engine hours.
Protects against liner pitting and provides solid corrosion protection for aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and solder. Contains proprietary scale inhibitors.
Easy Maintenance and compatibility with ES Extender, DCA4 Chemical Filter, or DCA4 Liquid
ES Extender Extends Coolant Life 150,000 mi (250,000 km) or 4000 Hours
Meets ASTM D3306, ASTM D6210, TMC RP 329 and Performance Specifications of Most Major OEMs
Available in Ethylene Glycol and Less Toxic Propylene Glycol Formulations

This item is concentrated. You add the water.

Fleetguard Cooling System Products flier

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