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Thermocouple Lead Wires [R660 series]

Tubing Kits [R7110]

Colored Bulb Covers for EV Series Gauges

Colored Gauge Bezels for EV Series Gauges

Replacement Bulbs for EV Series Gauges

EV Series Amp Box Extension Cable [R7799]

Thermocouple Adapter Fitting 1/8NPT [R683]

Thermocouple Adapter Fitting 1/4NPT [R684]

Weld Bushing 1/8NPT [R685]

Weld Bushing 1/4NPT [R680]

Pressure Gauge Snubber [R7798]

Clamp Style Thermocouple Seal and Bushing

Turbo Temp Monitor [R4130]

EV2 Series Wiring Harness's

EV2 Series Mounting Brackets [R19999]

EV2 Series Pressure Gauge Sensor [R89141]

EV2 Series HD Pressure Gauge Sensor [R89145]

EV2 Series Attribute Programming Software [R82003]

EV2 Series Air Pressure Gauge Sensor 170PSI [R89142]

EV2 Series Temp Gauge Sensor [R89966]

EV2 Series Gauge Connectors [8CN0211]

ISSPRO Clipsense Transmission Temperature Sender Mount [R82004]

Fuel Level Senders

Performax Series Attribute Programming Software [R82005]

Metric Adapter Fittings

Universal Gauge Mounts

EV2 Output Driver Module [R82006]

Tachometer Magnetic Sensor Installation Kits

Interconnect Harness's for Tach/Speedo to OEM Harness

Cable Parts for Mechanical Tachometer and Speedometers



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DieselManor is a full stocking warehouse distributor for ISSPRO. If there is any ISSPRO product that you are looking for and can't find it in our website, just give us a call. OEM and Distributor inquiries are always welcome.



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