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Mfr: Penray

Mfr Part #: 105032


Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 32oz. (1qt.), treats 250 gal.
Part #: PEN-105032  $15.49/quart  
Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (Case of 12 quarts)
Part #: PEN-105032-CS  $173.84/case
Shipping: this item can only ship by Ground service.

Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner was developed to prevent the formation of asphaltenes, residue that can cause fuel filter plugging. It also provides reduced oxidation to maintain fuel stability, protection from rust and corrosion, prevents water entrapment in fuel and enhanced fuel lubricity and deposit control.

Formulated to dissolve and disperse asphaltenes, preventing asphaltene filter plugging
Great year-round cleaner
Helps improve lubricity
Helps prevent fuel system corrosion
Improves power
Attacks extreme cases of dirt, grime and sludge
Helps prevent degraded fuel from plugging fuel filters or injectors
Contains extra solvents and detergents
Restores cetane
Compatible with bio-diesel blends
Just 4 oz. treats a typical 30 gallon fuel tank

What are Asphaltenes?
Do you see black tar-like specs floating in your fuel? Does your diesel fuel appear discolored or darker than normal? Are your fuel filters black and getting clogged rapidly? Are your average MPG's dropping dramatically? Asphaltene might be your problem!

This particular issue has become a widespread problem in recent years. Most trucks manufactured after 2002 contain a common rail injector and it is this equipment that is oftentimes responsible for creating destructive asphaltenes. Also, the advent of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) has been associated with the formulation of asphaltenes.

Water and Sludge Leads to Asphaltene Buildup
The presence of water and sludge in diesel fuel can contribute to the formation of tar-like asphaltenes. This substance can develop with many current fuel formulations, particularly so with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) and bio-fuels which can lack the aromatic solvents that were previously part of diesel fuel blends. And the growth of asphaltenes is exacerbated by newer, hotter-running engines, and operation in warmer climate conditions.

Fuel Scorching Leads to Asphaltene Buildup
Simply put, the injector operates with a large amount of pressure and at a very high temperature and unfortunately it can scorch (burn) the fuel. This burning can create a black asphaltene buildup. The small pieces of asphaltenes, which contain carbon, group together forming larger clusters that can eventually plug the fuel filters and lead to a shorter filter life. This can cause lost MPG in your vehicle, and that means you are wasting money and not getting the most out of your fuel.

Asphaltenes can be present any time of year and it's all too common so be on the lookout! To prevent asphaltenes you can used a quality diesel fuel additive such as Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner.

Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner can be used in bulk diesel fuel tanks and individual tanks.
Add 1 gallon of Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner to 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Add 1 quart (32 fl. oz.) to 250 gallons of diesel fuel.
Initial Treatment: Dosage may be increased if fuel quality is suspect or when filter plugging has been experienced due to fuel degradation.

MAINTENANCE: After initial clean up, dosage may be reduced for system maintenance depending on severity of conditions.

Article: Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner Fights Asphaltenes, Cleans Contaminants and Deposits
Product Bulletin: Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Also available in 5 gallon pails. Please call for price and shipping cost.



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