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DieselManor guarantees our pricing on all of the products we have on our site.  If you see an advertised price for less than what we are selling that product for, please give us a call first.  Most of the time we will be able to meet or beat that price. 

We make every attempt to give you the best quality products and services at the lowest possible price.  Many of our product's manufacturers have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.  This means that they state the prices that their authorized dealers can advertise their products for.  Most of the time this is less than the Full Retail price.  The reason for this MAP pricing is to prevent pricing wars between retailers and maintain the value of their products.  Some other "value" retailers may not abide by this policy.  They usually do this by buying from a host of other distributors.  The manufacturer therefore has great difficulty enforcing their MAP policy on these retailers because they aren't buying the products direct. Because we believe in maintaining the best relationship between you, us and the manufacturer, we do abide by these MAP policies.  This relationship helps us better serve you in the long run - allowing us, in cooperation with the manufacturer, grant you expedited replacements or exchanges in the unlikely event that you have a defective product.  Those "value" retailers will often have you call the manufacturer and handle the problem yourself. 

Keep in mind - when you buy from DieselManor, you are not just buying great products, you are also buying all of the professional service that goes along with it.  We have an after-hours tech support line that is always available to you, no matter how long it's been since your purchase. 

DieselManor will not match any pricing of products sold through Internet Auction sites, non authorized dealers, or price quotes by word of mouth.  Basically we will not price match sites like amazon, ebay, or online proxy stores.

Note before comparing prices
Many of the items from DieselManor are not available from other sources.  Although they may look to be, or described as similar, certain products we carry are proprietary.  For example, our gauge kits contain specific items that our competitors do no have (DMI vehicle specific instructions, DMI isolators, genuine Inconel thermocouples from the manufacturer, etc.)  Many of our competitors cut costs by supplying their customers with generic items such as inexpensive non-brand thermocouples, lesser quality tubing kits, off brand isolators, and limited in scope instructions. DieselManor will not price match any of these such items as they are not similar.

For questions about our Pricing Policy, please feel free to call us at (603) 497-2281 or Email:SPAM Prevention - Please type in this email address and as always... we're glad to help.

DieselManor operates out of the Tax Free State of New Hampshire. We will never charge you a sales tax on any of your purchases, no matter what state we ship to.






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