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Mfr: Zep

Mfr Part #: 374301

Buy 6-11 and save 5%
Buy 12 or more and save 10%

Zep 45 Dual Force Penetrating Lubricant, 14 oz. can
Part #:
ZEP-374301  Price $16.95
NOTE:  This product can only be shipped via Ground Service.
If you select an expedited shipping method, we will still ship your entire order Ground and only charge you for the ground rate.

Patent-pending Zep 45 DualForce™ was developed by Zep Inc's Research & Development team, featuring superior penetrant properties and the newest anti-wear and rust-prevention technology offering excellent corrosion resistance. It is ideal for applications including loosening rusty and seized bolts and screws, sticky pivot points, minimizing friction, moisture/rust protection for door hinges, roll-up doors, and more. Zep 45 DualForce™ is a long-lasting, dual-action penetrant and lubricant with PTFE.

Unlike some competitive products, Zep 45 DualForce™ continues to penetrate for 10 minutes or longer while delivering the lowest percentage of wear among tested competitors. In addition, its improved odor was preferred in field test surveys.

Comes with a large pad actuator with a fan mist spray for wide areas. The straw is provided for pinpoint stream accuracy in narrow areas, and the product's slotted stacker cap allows for easy straw storage.

• Excellent long lasting lubrication
• Penetrates rapidly
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Dissolves Grease
• Works in broad range of temperature ranges
• Dramatically reduces friction and wear
• Includes Large Pad Actuator w/Fan Mist Spray and Included Straw
• 50-State Compliant Exceeds California 2014 VOC Requirements (exceeds California’s 2014 VOC requirements of 25% and will maintain compliance with the state’s 2016 VOC requirements of 10%)
• 20 oz. can has a new fill weight of 14 oz. (Larger sizes available. Contact your DMI sales associate)


Our Write-up
Like you, I've used many different types of penetrating lubricants in the past. WD40, CRC, Let-Go,  They all seemed to perform pretty similarly.  Sometimes you still had to resort to the hot wrench to get those stubborn bolts loose.  One day this gentleman came into the shop I was working at and gave us a free can of ZEP 45.  He told us that it works so well that we'd be giving him a call before the can was out.  Well, I'm a skeptic.  I don't believe in the alien autopsy or any of those weight loss contraptions advertised on TV in the wee hours of the morning.  One day while trying to remove some rusted lug nuts off of an old car, I realized that my impact gun alone was not going to do it.  It wouldn't loosen any of the 5 lugs on the wheel I was working on.  I went for the can of the WD40.  Then I remembered about the ZEP 45.  I figured I'd do a comparison.  I sprayed 2 lugs with the WD and 3 with the ZEP 45.  The WD did help, but my gun had to struggle for about 6 revolutions for each of the 2 that I sprayed.  I then tried the 3 lugs that were sprayed with the ZEP 45.  The gun struggled to break the nuts loose for about 1 revolution and then the RPMs of the gun sped up and - zing!!! Well, I was sold.  Never before had a penetrating spray work so well. 

Just recently I was spraying the bed bolts of my truck.  I couldn't reach between the frame and the fuel tank.  I could see the one bolt in particular.  I aimed at it and was able to spray the culprit from a distance of 3 feet.  The stream actually shoots a healthy distance of 6 feet, and that's on a 1/2 empty can.

Well, that can that I liberated many years ago is now nearing it's end.  I thought I'd do a search on the Internet to see where to get the trusty old ZEP.  I could only find it from one company, and they didn't have any pricing or shopping cart on their site.  I finally ended up at the ZEP Manufacturing website where I was able to find a local distributor. I gave him a call and ordered some.  The product works so well that I thought our customers should know about it. So we now stock it and have it available.

David Murphy
President - DieselManor, Inc.



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